21 March 2006

21 in Købehavn

So for those of you dying to know how my birthday was, which I'm sure was a mass of you, here is the scoop.

My two dads woke me around 7 am singing happy birthday (in English) and waving flags incesently. I promptly got up, walked into the kitchen as was served a Danish breakfast complete with grainy rye bread and snails (not the slow moving shelled creature, but, in essence, cinnamon rolls). They gave me a copy of one of our favorite cds, Piece By Piece by Katie Melua. The first night I stayed with them, we listened to this CD and its infectious melodies and powerful lyrics during dinner. The best song, in my opinion is Nine Million Bicycles--check it out. The table was covered with flags and breakfast was wonderful.

Next I had to go to class, but as I walked outside I took pictures of the Danish flag that was waving outside our apartment to commemorate my birthday. (Notice a flag theme). At school, I was offered many birthday greetings, and made my way through the two classes and the meeting that stood between me and my birthday dinner.

For dinner, Per cooked Wienerschnitzel (I know I didn't spell that correctly). The table was decorated beautifully with an amazing table cloth with (of course) a Danish flag design. A bottle of champagne and red wine later, I was heading out to meet friends and celebrate the American way.

Around 9:30 pm, about 25 of my good DIS friends convened on a student bar for cheap drinks and good times. We hung a classic Happy Birthday banner that my parents had sent me on the wall and hung out until the bar closed. We proceeded to the next bar, birthday banner in tow, and set up shop there until that bar closed at 2:30.

All in all, it was a great nigh with good friends and amazing memories. I missed the folks at home and those who seem to be an ocean away. All the same, turning 21 in Copenhagen was amazing.

An the celebration has yet to end...Here's to three weeks of travel break.


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