18 March 2006

Train Hopping.

Saturday, I went to see Viking Ships. Exciting, I know. Actually, I didn't see any ships, just the remains of 5 boats over 1,000 years old. I like seeing old things just like anyone else, and it was certainly enjoyable for the first couple hours. Eight hours later, on the bus ride back, I was exhausted. My friend, Andrea, and I dressed up as vikings, complete with fur and shields and we all had a genuinely fun time.

The morning started off rough. I was functioning on about 3 hours in bed (as my friend David would say, in bed isn't the same as asleep). He was right. It was St. Patrick's Day. No more needs to be said.

We didn't leave on time though. Many trains were delayed that morning as a man had thrown himself in front of one of the S-togs (s-trains) earlier in the morning at one of the city's busiest stations. Needless to say, things were a little held up. None of us non-danish speakers were aware of what was going on until one of our professors made the announcement.

For the period of the next 24 hours, I thought that the man was dead--an attempted and successful suicide. Well, I can gladly report, that the man apparently (1) didn't throw himself infront of the train, he fell (because he was drunk...) and (2) he isn't dead, but alive with minor injuries. Whew. Thank goodness.

Overall the weekend was a good one. I had some close friends over for birthday tacos, which I must say, were delicious, and conversation. They even surprised me with a tasty homemade chocolatecoconuthazelnut cake on which we placed a tea light and a tiny American flag. (I dunno, Danes are big on flags and birthdays together.) After a pleasant evening of sleep, waking up on time, and a nice hot shower, I am prepared for the week.

Just one more week until travel break, so I am counting down the days. Budapest, here I come!


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