12 January 2006

And so it begins...

I'm sitting in my parent's home watching TV with my mother. Well, actually, I'm writing and she is watching TV. You get the idea.

I'm writing and counting down the days until. There are 8 of them until I leave from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. For the first time in a long time, it seems like the International part matters. I leave on 20 Jan. in the afternoon to make my way to Frankfurt, Germany and subsequently make my way to Copenhagen, Denmark.

My time at home has been just that--time at home. I was doing pretty well with it my obligatory location until Winter Term started back at Elon. Up until then, I was at home, working for the man, trying to make a few bucks and genuinely enjoying the time in a familiar place where the radio stations are good and you know where the cheap gas (at least cheaper gas) is. Once my friends returned to Elon, I became bitter. Not in the old maid, I hate the world way. I became bitter in the imacollegestudentandthereissomuchoutthereandi'mathomedoingnothing sort-of-way. It's not that being at home is a bad thing; it's that being at home with virtually no friends and having to work for your father that is bad. Home is home, but afterwhile, that's not enough.

Not to mention the fact that in 8 days I will be on my way to the short days and long nights of the amazing city of Copenhagen. Not that I have to remind myself of that, I just thought maybe you forgot.

Just before Christmas, I was contacted by Mia, DIS's (Denmark International Studies--the program I'm studying with while in Copenhagen) housing coordinator. I had requested a homestay for the four months that I would be across the Atlantic; and Mia had called, then e-mailed, to let me know that she thought she founda family that would be perfect.

She told me that Hans and Per Hugo were an established gay couple in Copenhagen with many of the same interests as me. They've had multiple students stay with them before and were eager for another one. As a gay student with studies concentrating on women/gender issues, I was elated to hear that I might be offered a glimpse in the gay culture of Denmark, not to mention be living with folks who would be open and supportive of who I am and of what I study. Of course, I'm not sure any of that would've really been a problem in Copenhagen.

Since that e-mail, I have been corresponding with Per Hugo and Hans. They are currently vacationing in South Africa (quite the exotic vacation spot if you ask me--I'm used to the Appalachian Mountains...) and will return to Copenhagen shortly before I arrive. From the limited conversation we have had, they sound like great guys and I am pumped to get to know them.

I ready to go. It dawned on me the other day that I was genuinely gearing up to leave the country for a total of five months. That will be five months of no homecooking, or seeing my Elon friends, or hugging my mom. But you know, I think I'll manage.

Have I started packing, you ask?

No. We'll talk about that later.

Here's to the adventure.


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