28 January 2006

The Night Bus.

What a great day!

I slept in until 10ish, then decided to go explore the city on my own. I can't tell you how relaxing it was to be alone, with no particular agenda, roaming the streets of this city. I found myself at the harbor, the Queen's palace, and the Marble Church to name just a few. And, of course, I took pictures of it all--which will soon be posted online.

Earlier this evening (I'm writing this at 3.19 in the morning), we ate Wienerschintzel (I hope I spelled that right); and, of course, it was wonderful! Let me tell you. These guys have a knack for cooking.

Then it was decided that we would all go bar hopping together so my homestay dad's could show me the "happening" places. I won't go into all the details, but I will say that 5 bars and 3 ABBA songs later, we were having a blast.

The question became how to get home. After midnight, the busses stop running on their normal route. So, I had to figure out which bus I needed to take that would get me sorta close to where I live. I can't say that I had much luck. Obviously 84N was not the one to take; rather, I should've taken 94N or 96N--duh, Jon.

All in all, it was a good night. Here are the lessons learned.

(1) Bars are wayyyyyyyyyyyy smokier than at home.

(2) What better way to see the town than with your two dads?!

(3) ABBA has a way of bringing people together.

(3b) Dancing Queen is always successful.

(4) It's easy to get lost in Copenhagen, but it easier to find your way.

(5) I'm having the time of my life.


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