25 January 2006


It is in the wee hours of the morning here in Copenhagen. Just after midnight, actually. I'm not sure if that can be called the wee hours or not. But you get the point.

The past three days have been a whirlwind of experiences and events. After meeting Hans and Per on Sunday, I had an early Monday morning filled with all sorts of orientation events. Luckily, none of these (at least for me) included balls being flung at one another as we each struggled to remember names or some other form of name game. In fact, there was some pretty useful information such as the fact that Danish has no word that equates to please, so when Danes speak English, they often don't use the word. We shouldn't be offended.

Believe me, that wasn't really a concern. Not as much as, you know, the fact that the language is soooooooo incredibly confusing. I just finished 6 hours of "Survival Danish." This is a class all the new students take in an effort to at least help them know sort of how to pronounce things like street names, names of people, and basic orientation skills. I haven't failed at it. Yet. But I will say that every time I try to get some sort of guttural sound (which there seem to be in EVERY word here), I end up sounding like Kermit the Frog.

In other news, I went to the Carlsberg Brewery last night. The process was fascinating. To bad I don't like beer (or as I like to say "I'm better than beer. Bring me something fruity"). I tried some, and nearly wretched all over the place. There is just something about it that I cannot swallow--literally. The experience was nice and it was a fun diversion after a long day of information overload. Later that night, some friends and I gather to celebrate my friend Natalie's 21st birthday. Some of the Danes were confused why we would do such a thing, but once we explained, they were just as enthusiastic as we were. I'll tell you more when I turn 21 in a country that doesn't care.

Today was pretty calm. I saw some of the city and did some more Danish. I also bought some long underwear (don't worry anymore, mom). HOORAY. Because, yes, it is cold.

Tonight, Per, Hans, and I had a REALLY good dinner and a great evening talking about movies, music and that man. Things are really working out great. Their apartment is beautiful. In fact, before we walk around, we take off our shoes. Can you tell which pair is mine?

Overall, things are going splendidly. Granted, I missed the bus a couple of times, have gotten colder than I ever care to be and me feet hurt sometimes, but I'm in one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an amazing family and meeting some of the most wonderful people through the program.

I'm not sure I could ask for more. Wait. I can. My mom is having surgery tomorrow. Think about her.


be well!


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Kendra said...

Suck it up and enjoy the beer. Have I taught you nothing? I feel like you're going to have to learn the taste, especially there.

In other news, hope your mom is doing ok.
Bye roomie!