17 January 2006

Brown or Black...

Traveler, there is no path
paths are made by walking.
-Antonio Machado, Spanish Poet

My bags are slowly filling. After a lazy morning, including breakfast and a mid-morning call to Lufthansa (the airline delivering me to Denmark), my mother and I went to Fayetteville. Fayetteville, Georgia, not North Carolina, holds a huge number of memories for my mother and I. From the Dunkin Donuts to the Kroger we would do our grocery shopping in, much of my childhood was spent roaming its roads. It was good to spend sometime with her before I leave.

I finally began packing this afternoon. I called my airline (as referenced earlier) this morning to figure out exactly what limitations were on baggage (carry on, checked, and other wise). It should work out. With out a doubt, it will certainly be a tight fit.

The debate about my bags is currently centering around deciding whether or not I should bring my suit with me. I'm pretty sure I could fit it in one of my bags in a way that minimalizes the potential for wrinkles. The problem lies in the fact that the rest of my wardrobe consists overwhemlingly of browns, which require brown shoes, etc...My suit, however, is dark grey which dictates the use of black shoes--and belt.

So, do I take the suit, shoes and belt? Or leave them in the states, settling on wearing brown slacks, a nice shirt, a cute tie and a handsome overcoat.

In other thoughts--is this really what I'm concerned about?


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