19 January 2006

Last night....For a while, at least.

I'll admit it. I'm a total sap. Today I woke up knowing that it was the last day I would spend at home. Starting with that first thought, I decided to keep reminding to myself that everything I did that day wouldn't be the last time, but rather the last time for a while. For instance, I drove for the last time for a while, ate at my favorite eateries, and napped in my own bed.

I don't mean the third "last experience" to equate to my laziness. College has taught me the fine art and afforded me the supreme pleasures of napping. And I will no doubt miss the option, but I'm sure that I will find better things to do.

I fly away from this country, city and life tomorrow afternoon around 4:30. I think the thing I'm most nervous about the whole trip (right now, at least) is the flight. I will spend over 24 consecutive in three airports before I finally arrive in Denmark Saturday afternoon their time (about 10 am EST). I've made my hotel reservation, and figure I'm pretty set to go, but I just can't help worrying that I've forgotten something. The bottom line, though, is that I can't do anything about that now. I seem to conveniently forget that I, indeed, am traveling to an industrialized country that has all the amenities that I am familiar with in the states. So, if I do leave something stateside, I won't be forced to live with out.

In the morning, I've decided that I will unpack and repack my bags, in order to ensure that I have packed as efficiently as possible, then I will do my morning one more time before I go, eat lunch with my mother, and make my way to the airport.

That's the plan, Stan. Wish me luck.


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