30 January 2006

Lessons Learned....so far--

I thought that after a week of living in Copenhagen, it might be time to review what I've learned, enjoyed, and found out through friends, experience or mistake.

(1) Everyone speaks English. Thank God.

(2) Your hands get really cold when you're riding a bike if you don't have gloves on.

(3) Sometimes, you meet good friends in the airport.

(3a) Gummy Bears always make people feel good during layovers/delays.

(4) You don't look as American as you think. Who are you to think people care that you are American, anyway?

(5)"What's for dinner?" "Meat and potatoes."

(6) Warm hats make all the difference.

(7) Bikes + Cobblestones = PAIN

(8) Skype.com is a god-send...assuming you are using the same type of computer as the person on the other end.

(9) Night Busses have different schedules than day busses.

(10) McDonald's is universal. That can be bad. But that can be goooooood.

(11) Danish is hard to spell and harder to speak, because it is never spoken like it is spelled.

(12) From where I live, you can go two directions. The harbor or the lakes. If you go to the harbor, you know you are going the wrong way, because you live at the lakes. Don't swim across the harbor.

(13) My bathroom tiles are warmed constantly by warm water running beneath them. This is probably one of my favorite things about my time here thus far.

(14) This isn't a vacation. I do have homework.

(15) The current administration is growing more stupid with every passing moment. This opinion is due to the American Deputy Ambassador's speech at the opening ceremonies of the program.

(16) Elon friends abroad make everything better.

(17) New friends allow for new 'club' opportunities.

(18) Ain't nothing like the real thing! Coca-Cola, baby.

(19) Always know where your wallet, passport, public transport pass, and phone are.

(20) The opportunity of a lifetime is at my finger tips. All I have to do is sieze it.



Clifton said...

Sounds like you are having a blast. I will be leaving soon. Only 3 more weeks. I enjoy reading your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Jon. Coke. MMMMMmmmmmmmmm.
the way to my heart.