01 February 2006


Almost every student at DIS does not have classes on Wednesday.

The notion is nice. It allows students a break in the middle of the week, as well as the opportunity for classes to participate in "field studies" which are used to enhance the classroom experience. Basically, fieldtrips for college students.

The catch is that if you are taking 4 classes, there is no way that you will have a field study every week. So, the question is: what does one do with these midweek breaks?


After a slow morning of emails and thinking, I called my friend Liz, and we decided to meet up at a trendy little coffee shop next to our school. A short bike ride later, I found her and we set out to explore parts of Copenhagen we had yet to discover. We ended up walked along Strøget, the main shopping/pedestrian street in Copenhagen. We had seen part of it, as DIS is very close to it, but we had yet to venture up into the high-end shops area.

Later that afternoon, we tried to find a movie to watch, but it seems everything either started an hour before or an hour after, so we opted to get warm and see some art at the Statens Museum for Kunst (the State Museum for Art).

The collection is magnificent and was a refreshing end to the day.

And just what I need after I ran myself and my bike into a concrete barrier on the side of the bike lane I was riding in...but that is another story. Don't worry. I'm ok.

Vi Ses!


Also--I found this poem at a charming contemporary art museum Liz and I went to today. Many museums have free admission on Wednesday.

one thinks
it's rain
only the dry leaves falling

drought by dick higgins

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